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“Well,” Beth asked after taking another sip of coffee, “how do you think Jamie likes married life???” “Mmmmmm,” Ruth replied, “I think she loves it, she definitely has a glow about her!!!” Even though they were the only two people in the house, Beth leaned over and asked in a lowered voice, “Do you think what they say about black men is true, I mean, you know, in the bed room?!?” “Beth,” Ruth replied in an exasperated voice, “how could you ask a mother that kind of question, and it’s none of our business!!!” “Oh, come on,” Beth pressed, “did she say anything about her honeymoon, I remember mine like it was yesterday!!!” “Okay then,” Ruth retorted, “how was your honeymoon, did you have a good time!!!” “You bet I did,” Beth shot back, “I was a virgin I’ll have you know, but I took to it like a duck to water and screwed Tom like I was a cheap slut, and besides, I know you too well, if she didn’t offer anything, I’m sure you asked!!!”

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