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“Of course you’ll train Thomas just as I have your father,” commented Priscilla to her daughter, Amanda, “once you have him broken, he’ll never raise his voice to you again!” “Naturally, mother,” Amanda answered a matter of factly, “once the wedding is over, I’ll control him by his balls, just as you have father!!!” Her mother thought about that for a second and replied, “I’m not sure you should wait, dear, it would be a much more enjoyable honeymoon if Thomas was already broken and ready to serve you!” “Do you really think so,” asked Amanda seriously, “if we’re not married he might try to run on me!?!” “Priscilla chuckled and replied, “Dear, have you ever known me to misjudge a man!?!” Shaking her head and smiling, Amanda answered quickly, “You’re right as usual, when do you think I should do it!?!” “Well,” her mother replied, “isn’t he coming over this evening?!?” “Yes,” Amanda replied, “he’s picking me up at seven!” “Then it’s settled,” her mother replied firmly, “tonight when he comes by to pick you up, we’ll invite him in and then break his balls!!!”

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